When it comes to keeping your linen clothes and linen bedding looking fresh, proper cleaning and storage are the secret sauce. There's nothing worse than pulling out your favorite linen shirt or bed sheets only to find them all wrinkled up like a crumpled paper. But fret not! We've got some super-effective tips to clean and store your linen, so those deep creases and wrinkles will be banished for good. Get ready to say hello to smooth linen that's always ready to impress. And let's be real, if your linen doesn't wrinkle, is it even truly linen?

Let's settle the debate once and for all - 100% linen wrinkles (Our tips on how to reduce wrinkles in linen without an iron here). Sure, you can find linen dresses or bedding that are treated with non-wrinkle solutions or blended with polyester and other man-made fibers, but let's be honest here, those treatments take away from the genuine qualities of linen. Linen is all about being breathable, insulating, lightweight, and soft (check out our post about how to soften your linen bedding here). Don't worry, though. Once you understand the secrets of linen's nature, you'll become a wrinkle-fighting mastermind. Prepare to outsmart those creases and keep your linen looking absolutely fabulous!

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Don’t Overload Your Washing Machine 

Before you tuck away your lovely linen, let's do a quick laundry check. It's important to avoid over-cramming your washing machine. Why, you ask? Well, when you overload it, the water and detergent won't distribute evenly. Those pesky wrinkles start creeping in on your beautiful linen. We definitely want to steer clear of that. So, remember, give your linen some space to breathe and resist the urge to overload the washing machine. Your linen will come out looking fresh and wrinkle-free, ready to impress. 


Don’t Have Time to Hang Dry? 

We're proud members of Team Hang-Dry here at Grae Cove. Hang-drying is a perfect move for your linen fabric. High heat in the dryer can be a villain that breaks down those delicate linen fibers. Plus, hang-drying is not only kinder to the environment, but it's also an effective way to keep those wrinkles at bay. We know, though, that life isn't always a breeze, and hang-drying all the way may not be the most practical option for everyone. So, if you find yourself reaching for the dryer, especially for your beloved linen sheets or linen clothes, we've got a short-cut up our sleeves. Dry them on a low heat setting until they're slightly damp, and then go for the grand finale by draping or hanging them to finish drying. 

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To Fold or to Hang? The Great Linen Dilemma

When it comes to storing linen, the fold vs. hang debate arises. We say you can do both! To minimize deep-set wrinkles in your linen clothes, we recommend hanging. While linen clothes are sturdy, it can stretch or distort over time. Just be sure to leave breathing room between each garment - this promotes proper air circulation and ensures that your clothes are squashed together creating unwanted wrinkles. 


To reduce wrinkles in your linen sheets and bedding, fold the sheets on a flat surface, smoothing and lightly stretching with your hands as you go. Again, avoid storing your linen sheets in an overcrowded shelf, and do not place heavy objects on top of your folded sheets. The ideal approach is to allow air circulation and minimize pressure points. 

 dark green folded linen bed sheets

Consider Your Containers

Now, let's talk containers. Choosing the right storage containers for your linen bedding can make a world of difference. Opt for breathable options like linen bags. Oh, and guess what? When you purchase Grae Cove linen bedding, we'll throw in a free storage linen bag! If you're in a pinch, an extra-large pillowcase can do the trick too. Just say no to plastic storage bags. They're not only harmful to the environment, but they also trap moisture, promoting mildew and musty odors. Let your linen breathe freely and keep that fresh linen scent intact.


Remember to keep your linen clothes and linen bedding clean, use proper folding techniques, select breathable storage containers, and maintain suitable environmental conditions. With these practices in place, you can revel in the beauty and luxury of wrinkle-free linen whenever your heart desires. 

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