Rounding off half a year has been incredible! We can’t thank you all enough for shopping Grae Cove, leaving awesome customer reviews, and sharing our blossoming women's fashion brand/startup with all your friends and fellow linen lovers. We love taking you along on our small business journey and showing you everything that goes into building something you can love for life. Here’s a look inside our first six months in business and a sneak peak of what we have in store…

Small Business Ups & Downs

Like all new brands, we’ve absolutely navigated our share of peaks and valleys and winding roads in between. Call it small business initiation: where a few pieces of "constructive" feedback on our sizes and styles, supply chain and logistics issues, and scam-detecting platforms (a totally new concept to us) have thrusted us into crisis management and learning by doing. The light at the end of the tunnel is often a big sigh of relief in the form of a message from you, reading “I cannot live without these pants”. Yes, we love reading your testimonials and we’ve also mastered the art of celebrating small wins, and no, we are NOT a scam. (Is it more compelling if we say it in caps?)

Nevertheless, each challenge is met with a new method or mindset that makes each day rewarding. In our first six months, we’ve also had the great pleasure of working with talented content creators, fashion lovers and sustainability savants, to assemble the early stages of our influencer/affiliate program. It’s a different kind of fruitful community building when we can team up with creators and experts to improve our products and make a difference. Despite the many bumps in the new, small business road, it’s really our awesome community (you) that make it all worth it.

Left: @bloggerlifestyle90 in our Lana wool turtleneck
Center: @nickolehaymker in our Giana linen dress
Right: @amandaevonne in our Gwyneth linen wrap dress


(Find us on Instagram or TikTok, @graecove or if you’re interested in joining our influencer program!)

A Moment for the Dress(es)

We love learning which pieces you love the most! Our top 3 best sellers from our first 6 months are (drum roll, please)...


What’s on the Radar

Our first 6 months have been so very special and we’re pumped for what’s to come! In the next few months we are excited to: (1) launch new and improved styles for our first spring season ever, (2) partner with influencers and like-minded brands to give back to our communities, and (3) work with a new, US-based logistics team and warehouse to upgrade shipping times and customer service communication.

Packing up and delivering to you from our new warehouse in Rockwall, TX

We are also looking forward to expanding our (currently tiny) creative California office, so keep an eye out for potential openings if you’d like to join our team!

Thanks a million for sticking with us so far—we’re thrilled to be building something you truly love and look forward to this great next chapter!