Let's talk about the elephant in the room: wrinkles in linen. It's a common concern for many people because linen is known for its tendency to wrinkle and crease easily whether we're talking about linen sheets or linen clothing. But don't worry, there are ways to keep those wrinkles at bay and maintain the natural, casual charm of your Grae Cove linen clothes. 

First, let's talk about why linen wrinkles so easily. It's all due to the flax fiber, which lacks natural elasticity. When the fabric is folded or creased, it doesn't bounce back like other fabrics do, and that's how wrinkles form.


Now, the Grae Cove team has tried a few solutions out. And, here are our top three tips for reducing wrinkles in your linen garments:

How to get wrinkles out of clothes

Tip #1: Use a starch spray or wrinkle-release solution to smooth out already wrinkled linen. One option we like is Grove's Wrinkle Release Spray, which is earth-friendly and non-toxic. Simply spritz the solution on the wrinkled garment and smooth it out with your hands. Allow it to air-dry for best results and watch the de-wrinkling magic happen. This works especially well on trouble spots like the knees, elbows, and crotch areas.


Tip #2: As soon as you remove a damp linen garment from the wash, spritz it with a starch solution or wrinkle-release spray and lay it flat. Smooth it out with your hands as you go down the garment, and let it air-dry to finish. If you forget to pull your linen out of the garment and its already dried, dampen the garment with a spray bottle of water. Or, try tip #1.


Tip #3: Use a garment steamer or hang your damp linen garment in a steamy bathroom to remove any stubborn wrinkles. This is the most time-consuming option, but works really well.


Pro tip: Handwashing your linen is a gentler option than machine-washing, but we understand that it may not be practical for everyone. Just keep these tips in mind for maintaining the crisp appearance of your linen clothes.


Drop us a comment below and tell us your favorite ways to keep your linen from wrinkly.