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How Grae Cove Works

Our new-era approach arrives in three parts, born of our principal decision to make our goods in-house: (1) gaining full quality control, (2) working via a sustainable model, and most importantly (3) cutting unnecessary costs for our customers. 

The Current Way Of Doing Things

Traditional retailers rely upon a network of contracted factories—sourcing agents, distributors and retailers—to deliver products to you. Customers have no choice but to pay a premium as well as the layers of markups resulting from vital middle parties. 

More recently, direct-to-consumer brands have attempted to disrupt traditional retailers by cutting the middlemen out of the supply chain. These consumer brands contract factories directly to make premium products with a moderate discount. Contracted factories however, still markup their prices and brands pass these costs along to you.  

The Grae Way

At Grae, we believe we can do better to pass cost savings along to our customers. Here’s how: Overseeing our own factory and production firstly grants us access to each phase of manufacturing so we can guarantee quality craftsmanship from the drawing board to final trimmings. Our goal is to fully operate on an advanced sustainable model, which combines transparency and ethical decision-making to deliver premium quality goods for life.

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